Off the Bench

About Off the Bench

Like every other man on the planet, I have some thoughts on sports. Like most men on the planet – I don’t have a job at a radio station or TV show where I can spout off endlessly about those thoughts. Enter Off the Bench. What started as a column for a company e-magazine has now turned into a column where you the reader will get to read my take on sports. Exciting I know. But I hope to give each of you something to think about or at least something to comment on to make me re-think where I’m coming from.

I’m from Fargo, North Dakota which is about 4 hours to the north and west of the closest metropolis with “professional” sports franchises. As you will read, I am a bit of a homer for the Twins and the T-Wolves. I don’t really have a strong opinion of the Wild. The Vikings, on the other hand, can jump in the Mississippi and head south – But that’s just my opinion. I root for the U of M Gophers in college football and B-ball, though I’m realistic that neither will ever win a championship going forward so I follow a number of teams on the East and West coasts.

That’s about all I got for now. Thanks for reading.


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