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Is there just one Colt’s story?

Posted in NFL by offthebench on December 8, 2005

No doubt you’ve heard the Indianapolis Colts are undefeated. Their 12-0 record heading into this weekend’s game at Jacksonville will continue to be the only Colt’s topic discussed by the sports media. But I have a question: Is there ANY other reason to watch them?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Colts fan. Peyton Manning is probably one of my top 3 favorite players right now and may have taken the top spot from Tom Brady when he started making those Mastercard commercials (D-CAF! D-CAF!). I’ve like Tony Dungy since he created the second coming of the purple people eaters in Minnesota in the late 80s, early ’90s (The last time the Vikings defense was decent).

But it gets old every week to hear the same thing: The Colts are chasing the ’72 Miami Dolphins and a perfect season. Ask the players, do they care if they finish the regular season 16-0? Does it matter if they make the Super Bowl if they finish off a perfect regular season?

I saw a interview of DE Dwight Freeney on ESPN last week and he echoed everything I’ve ever heard from ANY player on ANY team when asked about something like this: A perfect regular season doesn’t matter. They want to win the Super Bowl. Anything less could be considered failure.

While I don’t think getting to the Super Bowl is a failure, I agree that the Championship in any sport trumps any record achieved along the way. So why does this happen every time a NFL team goes 10-0?

My guess is this: It’s easy.

This will probably generate a large amount of hate mail from sports columnists, but the reason it gets talked about so much is they don’t have to dig to find the story. It’s right there – staring you right in the face. No need to check the stats or go interview the assistant coaches. Their 12-0, Can they go undefeated? Maybe if the media was willing to look a little deeper, we’d know more about the Colts – giving us a reason to root for their perfect season.

Right now, I almost wish they would lose a game so I don’t have to listen to this for another month.


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  1. “i’m not quite sure how guys can louse stuff like this up.” Click

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