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What I’d give thanks for…

Posted in NFL by offthebench on November 24, 2005

I have watched the first half of the Atlanta vs Detroit game and the thought that keeps running through my head is this: I’d give thanks to see the Indianapolis Colts take on the Pittsburgh Steelers much more than this lame matchup. I understand its tradition that the Lions play on Thanksgiving just like its tradition for dry turkey to be served to room full of relatives that can’t stand one another, but come on. When was the last time Detroit played a meanful game? If you know, you either are a Detroit Lions fan or you have nothing better to do on Thanksgiving than Google the Detroit Lions – I’m not sure which one is worse. Detroit has looked like a team the couldn’t beat a division 1-AA team. My prediction: Atlanta wins by 20.

This is the type of thing you’ll see here. One guys take of the sports universe a couple of times a week.

I’ll have more later on the Thome and Delgado trades. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Duane said,

    Well what do you know… Atlanta 27-7 winner!
    Imagine that…

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